Behaviour And The Benefits Of Acquiring A Knowledge Of Advertising

Advertising is a big part of our day-to-day lives and it influences us in ways we don’t even realize. Advertising effects how we perceive products and services and is a significant factor that influences our buying behaviour. Let us therefore examine how advertising is used to influence our purchase decisions and how knowledge of the same could be useful for individuals.

Advertising and its Role in the Creation of Brands

Advertising is the primary tool that marketers use to create a brand image for their product and it is usually these brands that influence our purchase decisions. It has been said that people do not buy products so much as they buy brands. This is exceedingly true, as people tend to be very brand conscious when selecting their products and services. For most products, people tend to stick to one or two specific brands and they usually dislike having to purchase other brands.

Advertising can thus affect how consumers view certain products or brands Australian muscle cars for sale beautifully maintained and restored. For example, the perfume brand Hugo Boss chooses popular male celebrities such as Gerard Butler to portray the image of a wealthy, successful man; in doing so, they hope to attract male customers who identify with these attributes.

The Impact of the Advertising Channel

There are several advertising channels or mediums, the most popular of which are television, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, etc. The different advertising mediums have varying costs and can reach different audiences. For example, if a marketer wishes to advertise his company’s brand of toothpaste, then he would choose a medium like television on which to advertise since television advertisements have the power to reach wide audiences. Whereas a more specialized product, such as golf clubs, would probably be best advertised in a golfing magazine or sports magazine as the target market would be reading such magazines.

How Knowledge of Advertising is Useful to Individuals

You may think that knowledge of advertising and advertising techniques for classic car restoration is only necessary for marketing professionals. However, knowledge of how to create a good advertisement and the suitable advertisement channels can be useful to anyone.

For example, if you have a mustang for sale then you would probably put an advertisement to find a buyer; in doing so, basic knowledge of advertising will tell you how to create an advertisement that will most effectively attract potential buyers.  This knowledge will also make you realize that the most suitable advertising mediums for your purpose will be the internet or the classifieds section of newspapers.

Knowledge of advertising techniques and tactics used by marketers will also make you a more discerning consumer. For instance, in marketing there is a term called “trade puffs”; this refers to exaggerated (but legal) claims made by producers in order to sell their product. Knowledge of advertising will make you better able to spot the trade puffs of various sellers made in their advertisements and thus make you less gullible in believing these exaggerated claims.

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