The Things You Did Not Know About Your Windshield

The windshield is something any individual can point out on a vehicle, as opposed to the more obscure parts of a vehicle. Yet, just as with the other parts of a car or other vehicle, there are many things you might not know about the windshield. These range from offences that can actually get you fined, to other health hazards you might not be aware of.To begin with, the windshield obviously refers generally to the front glass of a vehicle, but also included is the rear windshield – the one you find at the back of a vehicle. The purpose of these glasses is to protect the passengers within the vehicle from the wind (which can be hard to withstand depending on the speed – this is why even vehicles with convertible roofs still have their windshields) and other objects that might hit the vehicle. In fact, the windshield, when considering the frontal defence of a vehicle, makes up about a third of the defence. Whilst sand and similarly-sized particles may at best scratch the windshield, heavier objects can chip the topmost glass (there are two glass layers in the front windshield for this very reason). A chipped windshield can easily worsen if not looked after. In fact, the chip can gradually evolve into a long crack with enough time and constant exposure to wind and water, and if yet no car windscreen replacement Perth is made, the crack can eventually affect the lower plastic and glass layers as well.

This is the reason why most developed countries have made it a point that driving with chipped or cracked windshields is illegal: you can get fined if you do not look after and maintain your windscreen.Once a car windscreen replacement is made, you should wait until the glue which was used to secure the windscreen in place (called ‘urethane glue’) dries: this means that you should wait for a couple of hours before you take out your car on a drive, and wait for day or so before you wash your windscreen. Furthermore, just because the glue has dried does not mean that a newly fitted windscreen is completely safe: in fact, you should avoid rolling down the glasses of your car for two days or so. This is because the impact from the wind and the pressure differences can actually displace the windshield and go as far as forcibly remove it – which can be very dangerous to the passengers of the vehicle.Accordingly, make sure to never overlook even a small chip in your windshield, or you might end up injured or fined because of it! For more information, please click

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